embrace the dirt

Embracing the dirt in motherhood…

Being a seasoned mom of 6 kids ( yes, that was not a typo) has really let me embrace all aspects of life that I never could have imagined I would truly just let be. One of which would be 6 children digging my backyard apart with shovels from the garage. These kids have been on a mission for the past 2 months. Every day when they get home from school they go straight out back and grab a shovel. To be honest normally moms can be over cautious and tend to helicopter but, the truth is …. I WAS SO HAPPY THAT THEY ACTUALLY WANTED TO BE OUTSIDE!!! iPads have taken over our home and the days of my childhood spent outside playing on bikes, making mud pies, picking wild flowers, and using leaves and acorns as fake money are almost non existent In this century anymore. I did not even question why or what they were doing but I was just entirely thrilled that they were playing together nicely outside.

DSC_4927 copy.jpg

When this first started I will be the first to admit I never imagined this would turn into what it did. We watched our kids everyday carrying wood, sticks, branches, anything and everything they could find in the yard and common area. My husband was more concerned about the tools that were going missing from the garage (haha). I on the other hand wanted to know what was so interesting about a big pile of dirt. What could they have possibly been digging at for weeks on end? Well I was extremely shocked and taken back when I finally went to see what they were so passionately working on. I immediately was brought back to my childhood and all the things I did as a kid. This was one of the most amazing things to witness. They worked together and were creative and made something so special out of nothing…. DIRT. Sometimes we needs our kids to remind us to embrace the dirt. I never thought that I would love a dirt pile so much as an adult. This is so much more then a pile of dirt. This is my kids, this is a little piece of all of them.

I thought this was the most deserving of first blog posts on my new website. I wanted it to remind everyone that sometimes we need to embrace the dirt. We are all trying to make something out of nothing. This applies to so much in our lives. Here is their something …… Their hard work…. Their imagination.